Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thank You

This thanksgiving season is of course a time to reflect upon the things we are each grateful for. I feel like every semester I have a favorite teacher. This semester it is my kick boxing teacher. She is getting her masters at CSUF and teaching a seriously rockin class. Last week before we all left for the holiday she decided to give us a little heart to heart. She told us how grateful she was for our class and how out of ALL the classes she has taught over the years we have been her favorite. She got really emotional... I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was a little nervous at what she was about to say. But she then proceeded to tell us that she had moved down here to take care of her mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer. So this semester she has taken care of her mom, gone to school, taught and gotten her heart broken. She said that some days our class is what really pulled her through.
Funny that she says we inspired her, I think she inspired me. She is a bomb kick boxing instructor with a really intense yet fun attitude. She is real-probably why I like her so much-and always gets us pumped. I'm grateful for her.
Some other things I am grateful for:
-the gospel of Jesus Christ
-a clean house
-a comfortable bed
-water to drink
-my education
-a job that pays the bills
-that the semester is almost over
-that I just made an appointment for a massage, mani & pedi at Glen Ivy so that right after I take my last final I can RELAX for reals. NO more thinking about doing ANY homework/studying/reading/school!!!

Hope your Turkey Day rocks. Love you all.

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