Thursday, October 7, 2010

Get Busy Living

On 9.26.10 I ran in the Breast Cancer race for the cure down in Newport. Some of the territory we covered was where my 1/2 marathon was. It was sweet to be there with these lovely ladies and I actually didn't do too bad. I was the first of my group of friends to finish! It was hot and hilly, but we were running for more than one good cause. You may be wondering about our shirts. We were part of the DONT WORRY BE HAPPY team. The DWBH shirt company was started to raise funds for cancer treatments/research after my dear friend Lauren's cousin Kevin passed away. Visit to learn more and to buy a shirt!

This inspired message is printed on the inside of every shirt. I didn't have the pleasure of knowing Kevin, but I have been inspired by him and the faith of his family. I remember when he was still fighting for his life, after the cancer came back. Lauren would ask me to pray for Kevin and I did. I know that he is proud of his family for moving beyond the hurt and striving to help others in his memory. Thank you for inspiring me Kevin!

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