Monday, October 18, 2010

8... it's a magic number

I have 8 more weeks of school. 8 more weeks and I will be done worrying about reading, studying, flashcards, scantrons, discussion boards, homework assignments, midterms, quizzes and finals. If you can recall, before the semester started I was feeling like I wasn't quite ready to be finished. I felt like being done was going to be bittersweet and I wasn't sure I was ready for it. I am SO ready to be finished. I can hardly imagine having a weekend without school work hanging over my head. It will be marvelous. I am so thrilled. Last spring I was walking on campus and I saw this guy skateboarding with nothing, but a pencil resting on his ear. I saw him a little while later and he was "woo hoo-ing" away from campus. I'm guessing that he had just taken his last final. I don't think my reaction will be much different. If I am not brave enough to shout out loud or do a victory dance as I ride home from school I will be thinking of that guy and "woo hoo-ing" in my soul.

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