Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SD round two

So we went to SD for the weekend and stayed with my family at the Marriott on Coronado. It is located right on the harbor so we had the privilege or gazing at all the many boats that passed by. The best was when we were on our jet ski and a HUGE navy ship coasted by.

The trip consisted of:

-Visiting Velo Cult to get the perfect basket for Ruby
-Laying out by the pool
-Jet Skis out on the ocean
-Dinner at BJ's for Danielle's 21st birthday celebration
-Games in Mom and Dad's hotel room
-Watching Dad drift in and out of sleep while watching terminator and "shush-ing" us every few minutes
-Playing tennis
-Riding Bikes around the island (Ruby did wonderfully)
-Hot tubbing it up
-Dinner at Busters
-Yummy cookies from a random cookie shop
-Killer ice cream sundaes from some diner with an Elvis statue out front
-A trip to Phil's BBQ (The BEST ribs ever)

Enjoy the photos...

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