Friday, August 6, 2010

Tri again...

Tomorrow Tyler is going to compete in the Camp Pendleton Triathalon. He heard Devin was doing it and decided to join him. Tomorrow Shira and I get to wake up before the sun and support our hubbies in their Tri adventure.
But this isn't Tyler's first time... he competed in a Tri up in Seattle before we were married. We went to visit Jessica when they lived up there and right after they had adopted Owen and Aaron. It was a really fun visit and he did a pretty good job considering his lack of training and using a borrowed bike. But now he is 30 lbs lighter and he has been training much more. Unfortunately he sprained his ankle last week while playing basketball with some buddies. He has almost all mobility back, but feels sore if he trains too hard. Hopefully he will be able to complete the race and do an even better job than last time!
I've got the cameras charged and ready to go. Tonight I am making a pasta dinner for all of us to get those boys some carbs! Good luck boys!!!

Can't wait!

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Shelley said...

Good luck Tyler!! That sucks he has to do it with a sprained ankle. Eat those carbs!