Friday, August 6, 2010

Celebrating Kimberly...

To celebrate my lovely big sister's birthday we went to Claim Jumper as a family. She turned 26! We are getting OLD! I love her so much and I am so grateful that we could celebrate with her. She also found out a couple weeks prior that she was pregnant.
Unfortunately last weekend she miscarried. The whole family was sad. We all grieved for her and Morgan. We all came to see her and let her know we loved her. On sunday we had a family fast and kept her in our prayers. Kimberly and Morgan have such a strong faith in our Heavenly Father.
Kimberly has always been such a great example to me. Because of the changes she made in her life when we were teenagers I began to really search for a testimony of my own. Today she still stands as one of my best examples. This experience has not shaken her faith, but strengthened it. She and Morgan are now closer than ever and they understand that Heavenly Father will bless them with a baby when the time is right. How grateful I am for a Heavenly Father who knows each of his children so well. On sunday, as I was thinking about Kimberly, I felt such a strong love for my Father in Heaven and such gratitude for the relationship I have with him.
Kimberly and Morgan are both doing well. She is healing and taking it easy. She lost a lot of blood so she has not had much strength. The other day I went to visit her and she managed to walk around the grocery store with me. That may have been the only thing she did that day, but it was something. She is taking small steps to recovery. I am so proud to be her sister.

If you want to read more about her experience visit their blog:

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Shelley said...

Wow, this made me want to cry. The testimony, the story of her miscarriage...ugh! It's so great that you have such a great example for an older sister. I tried to BE that example for my sister since I didn't have an older sister to look up to. I'm so sorry for her loss.