Friday, October 23, 2009

I am still alive

For anyone who is wondering I am still alive. Life is a little crazy right now. I am working 3 days a week and taking 5 classes. I have 9 more courses to complete after this semester and then it is bye bye college hello photography. I am getting really excited. I have all of my classes mapped out so that I know what I am taking. Next semester I dive into my minor classes (Health Science) so that will be good. The happenings of the last month or so have been good though, I squeeze in some fun in between studying (I literally read on the way to dinner, parties or family functions). Well October 2nd was my grandpa's birthday bash which turned out great. He is so amazing. I am so grateful for his example. He is so kind and he always has a smile on his face, even when he tears up while he bears his testimony of the Gospel and tells us how much he loves us. I am lucky to have such a caring grandpa who talks to me, hugs me, loves me and makes me smile. On the day that Tyler and I were sealed in the Newport Beach Temple we got to hug everyone that was in the room with us after the ceremony, it wasn't until Grandpa came to hug me that the spririt really struck me and I started to cry. My dad's parents died a few years back and I was sad that they couldn't be there with us, but Grandpa and Grandma Stout were there and I am so grateful for that. I will never forget that day and that they were there to share it with us.

General Conference was amazing. I love watching conference. Tyler and I figured out what channel it was on so we got to watch it on TV instead of on the computer. It was awesome. I made a yummy breakfast on sunday morning and Hyrum came over to watch with us. Then for dinner we headed out to see Dan and Laurie Rex. It was a really fun visit and also super good food! They are awesome. I am super glad that Tyler has cool family members! I am proud to call them family.
We have gone to a couple amazing hockey games too. They are always a blast. Last weekend I got my nails done with Jessica and we went to Justin and Christina's for tacos and the USC game. It was bomb. Justin made Chorizo... this spicy sausage stuff... quite tasty! And Julia was in town so it was nice to see her too!

And this week I went to Apple Counrty with my friends Jessica and Lauren. It was a beautiful day. So perfect. I got some super yummy apple donuts, a bag of apples and some apple butter! Such a good day. I love those ladies.
Coming Attractions:
Tonight we are playing games with the Altmans (friends of the Pitts Family) and my parents and siblings. It is going to be a riot. Jeff is the funniest person I know. Sunday we are going to the U2 concert. Next week we are going to Dux 'n' Tux... we get to get dressed up in semi-formal wear and meet the Ducks! It is going to be awesome! And next week our cousins Robbie and Joey are having their CD release show at the House of Blues in Anaheim. Their band, The Steelwells, is really good and we are stoked for them. Can't wait for that! So... I still get to have fun amidst all of the assignments, readings, exams, quizzes and craziness. I can't wait until Thanksgiving break... I will be baking pies and eating myself into oblivion. It will be amazing! Then only a couple weeks until finals and not too much longer after that it will be Christmas! Just in case you didn't know... I pretty much turn into an elf during the next little while. Christmas makes me super happy. I can't explain it. I love it with my whole heart.

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