Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We found what we were looking for...

This weekend was a blast. We went to the U2 concert at the Rose Bowl. The night started when we arrived at Christina's place. She dropped us off at Union station and then we took a train to memorial park.

After we got off the train we walked a few blocks to a shuttle station where a bus drove us right up to the Rose Bowl. We were really impressed at how organized they were. There were plenty of buses and staff to get everyone where they needed to be. When we got into the Rose Bowl we were not far from the entrance to the floor. Everyone seemed to be running frantically as though U2 was going on any second! We ran down a tunnel and when we got to the end of the tunnel we looked around and there were thousands of people and lights surrounding us. It was epic. I just did a 360 turn and realized how amazing it felt to be on the floor at such a HUGE concert! We waited just a few minutes and then U2 came out and the rest of the night was spent in Awe. Here are some photos and videos of the night.

It was an amazing experience. Definitely a once in a lifetime concert and I am so glad that we got to go together. We are both so happy that we got to be at such an amazing concert listening to a band that truly has changed the world not only with their music, but with their acts of service and compassion toward people in need all around the world. I get the chills everytime I look at the pictures or watch the videos that we took. Joy is the only word to describe that experience.

P.S. Thank you Christina for helping us out! We love you!

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