Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Alas I can exercise without feeling as though I may die! Yesterday I went on a hike with my dad, but this time we were joined by my lovely sisters Kimberly and Danielle. It was nice having them there because usually it is just my dad and I, but it was also very entertaining. I think it was hard for my dad to handle all three of us girls. It made me think about when we were little and my mom left us home with him. It must have been a handful because it still is today with all of our chatter and laughter. A few highlights: Kimberly saying she didn't feel "exercised" while going down the hill and then hating life when we came back up and me of course rubbing it in her face :), Kimberly "wiggling" (she called it running) down the hills because she thought it was easier than walking carefully--watching that nearly brought me to peeing my pants and it had the same affect on Danielle, seeing some turtles at the old dam we found and just being with some pretty amazing people for a couple hours and enjoying the beauty of the area we live in.

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Kevin and Missa said...

0Amy!! you look sooo freakin good.. be careful you might whither away!! And yes the dessert was soo good but I ate soo much Prime rib that I didnt get much in after that!! lol