Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday and sadly as of today the celebrations are over. All the time that I got to spend with friends and family was so amazing. I am so happy that I have so many people who love me so close by. The celebratory dinner with the fam was the first night of fun. We went to Lucille's and I had amazing fried green tomatoes and a bbq chicken sandwich. SooooOoo yummy! And Kim and Morgan got me a really cute/funky tea pot with matching cups. It is kind of asian-eske and I love the color!

Then on Monday night I got together with my girl friends Lauren and Jessica. Jessica was down from San Fran and was leaving the next day so we celebrated early. They made me yummy pizza made from ingredients from Trader Joe's (so much better than any pizza you could buy) and an amazing salad. Then for dessert they surprised me with a Lauren cookie ice cream sandwich (Lauren makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever!) and I downed it. Lauren also got me super cute polk a dot bowls (one red and one black) and my favorite lip stuff from bath and body.

Then I came home to a big box wrapped up with a card from Tyler. He let me open it before we went to bed! He got me a bread maker! I had been wanting one for a while and I am so excited to use it! Who doesn't LOVE home made bread! Yum!

Then on my Birthday day I arrived to work with a card and a cake on my desk. My co-worker Pat had bought me a cake and a $25 mastercard! SO Sweet! Then we went to lunch with all the people from work at Red Robin. So good. (I just realized that pretty much all the things I do revolve around good food. No wonder I have to work out so hard to stay fit! lol.) Then Tyler and I headed to Disneyland to meet up with Lauren and Christina and her cute little girls Yara and Ava. Disneyland is doing a new birthday celebration promotion and because I have an annual pass instead of getting a free admission to disneyland I get a gift card with the value of an admission which is $69! I used part of it yesterday to buy myself a sweet mickey t-shirt and a monsters inc mug. We just went on Pirates because we had to head off to El Torito Grill for dinner with some more family and friends!

El Torito Shots...
(Notice a couple pics down how Shira can hold a glass with her belly... no hands!)

Thanks to everyone who made it such a great day! I Love you all! :)

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Devin and Shira said...

dang, now you got me craving another peach margarita! yummy!