Friday, June 5, 2009


Hello all! I am alive and just about well again! I am recovering from a very invasive wisdom teeth surgery (apparently I was packed full of wisdom... my teeth were over an inch long). So needless to say my recovery has been longer than I expected, but the Doctor said that I am healing well and so far free from any infections and most of the swelling has gone down.
There were definitely some really rough nights, but with a lot of prayers and Tyler helping me I made it through with a little more appreciation for my Savior and for my husband who never left my side. There were times when it hurt too much to talk and I could only tell Tyler that I loved him by using my version of sign language. It was at the lowest of the low that I depended most on my faith that I would eventually heal and be able to speak and eat again. I felt such peace each time I prayed and as I remembered that adversity brings about strength. And without my wonderful Tyler by my side I would have been lost. What an amazing person to put up with waking up every 4 hours to get me my medication and food and also just my pickiness in general. I am surely a lucky woman.
Everyday I get a little better and I can talk and eat a little more like normal. I am excited for the day when I can sink my teeth into a Chipotle Burrito or a huge bacon burger!
Thank you to everyone who helped, encouraged, or prayed in my behalf. I apprecaite the wonderful people who brighten up my life! I love you all!

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Jeff and Kira said...

I'm sorry that your wisdom teeth experience was so awful! Now I'm even more scared at the thought that I may need to get mine taken out one day! Luckily, like you, I have a nice husband who would take care of me :)

PS. The picture on the top of your page is GORGEOUS just like the last one