Monday, March 9, 2009

Nothing to Report

It has been a while since I have posted so I figure I would jot down a few thoughts for you all. The last couple weeks have been busy with school and work. I took a couple exams and got an A on one and still don't know about the other, but I am hoping for a miracle in that course.

We got lucky the last couple weekends because my cousin Devon and his wife Whitney came into town last weekend and then Josh and Laura and their cute baby Kylie came this past weekend so we had fun playing games and visiting with them.

We also went to the LA Temple last weekend because the Newport Beach Temple was closed for cleaning and found this amazing Pizza place. It is called Johnny's NY Pizza and its on Santa Monica Blvd. It is superb.

We went on an amazing hike on Saturday with my dad. It was insanely gorgeous. Wildflowers everywhere! There was one part of the hike where I was walking in the middle of wildflowers that were taller than I am! I loved it. I was singing Tom Petty the whole time. :)

Oh and good news... Tyler's sister Jessica and her husband Mike are going to be able to officially adopt Aaron and Owen! They have been foster parents to them for the last year and a half and now the biological parent's rights have been terminated. We couldn't be happier. We love and miss them and can't wait to celebrate with them soon!

All in all things are good. We are still alive and we are busy busy and can't wait to be done with school. One day... one day.

P.S. I got my Diploma in the mail from Fullerton College. I earned:

"A degree of Associate in Arts Sociology with HONORS"

Seriously the last time I was on the honor roll was like 5th grade. I didn't even know I was getting my degree with honors, but apparently when they reviewed my file they decided to throw that in there. I am stoked! I am totally going to frame that puppy! Okay... I am officially done bragging for now. :)


Laura said...

Congrats! It was so fun seeing you guys. It had been way too long.

Jessica said...

Congrats on the diploma! And with HONORS too! Ooo-eee you go!

Can't wait to see you guys!

P.S. Check out Jamie's blog. Guess they're not getting divorced now?

winterman93 said...
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winterman93 said...

things have improved dramatically...and I have learned that time(-ing) is everything.