Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anaheim Ducks.... Goal!!!

Well tonight we had an amazing time watching the Anaheim Ducks win! CenSource (my Dad's Company and where Tyler and I work) had a suite and it was so much fun! All of the people from our office were there and there were also some clients and friends. It was a really good game... We won in over time. It was also Helen's 82nd Birthday. Helen is the Mother of Ron (our client from Ruby's Diner) and she got to come to the game! She was the sweetest lady too! My mom and dad surprised her with a birthday cake and we all sang! She was so overwhelmingly grateful and hugged and thanked EVERYONE that was there. She was so appreciative of all of us sharing her birthday with her. I am so glad that she had a good time... I sure did. Nothing really tops endless yummy food, sweaty men playing sports, and good company! :)

Jack, Tyler, and I
Freddy... Gettin Jiggy
Jonathan, Brett, Dad, Ron
Rick and Eric
Helen... The Birthday Girl
Helen and Wild Wing
Kim, Danielle, and I

Dad, Mom, Pat, Kim, Jeff, and Eric

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Laura said...

that's awesome! Go Ducks. Everyone likes the Sharks around here.