Sunday, May 10, 2015

mother's day

from the moment i saw the positive pregnancy test i became a mother. i fell in love with my baby. then i met him and that love grew. each and everyday i wake up to his prefect little face and my love for him grows even more. i love laughing with him, smiling with him and experiencing life with him. he is such a sweet boy and i feel so blessed to be his mother. rockwell, i love you. thank you for choosing me to be your mama. i am the luckiest girl in the world!

i have days where i feel like i don't measure up. i feel a heavy burden to be the best version of myself so that rockwell can learn good things from me and sometimes i fall short. luckily, rockwell loves me no matter what and i can repent, try again and improve. i want to do my Heavenly Father proud and raise a good son. i want to do my best in this role as a mother, this sacred calling that i have been given. i know that this is what i was meant to be doing. i know that rockwell was meant to be mine. he is such a blessing. he is such a joy. he is my world. my light. my everything.

tonight i nursed him as he fell asleep in my arms. i held him a little bit longer tonight, thinking about how much i cherish the opportunity i have to be his mama. the fact that Heavenly Father has blessed me with this sweet spirit weighs heavily on my heart. it is the reason i exist. i love it. it makes me so happy.

thank you rockwell for choosing me. i will always do my best for you. i love you with all my heart.

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