Monday, May 4, 2015

eleven months

eleven months. one month away from ONE year. i can hardly believe it. tyler and i have decided that this has been the fastest year of our lives. life with rockwell has truly been amazing and i can hardly remember life before him. he is our world. when all three of us are together, life just feels right. somehow we're all a little happier... and i love it. i feel so privileged to be rockwell's mama. i feel so blessed to have been given a son that is so happy and fun loving. he is always happier when we're outside and he loves people, especially kids. he is totally in his element when there are other littles to play with. i'm hoping that he will be the kid that is friends with everyone and accepts and loves others willingly. it probably sounds cliche, but i really feel like rockwell is a special boy and that he will do wonderful things throughout his life. i feel honored to get to play a small part in his journey through life.

some things i want to remember about him right now...

  • Makes the hand motions for popcorn popping
  • Thinks high fives are hilarious
  • Crawls... fast
  • Eats blueberries, watermelon, bananas, cheerios, puffs, bread, noodles
  • Also eats puréed food still, sometimes 4 servings in one sitting
  • Nurses first thing in the morning, before naps and bedtime
  • Got his two front teeth!
  • Loves being outside
  • If he's grumpy, feed him
  • Loves pushing with his walking toy
  • Pulls up and stands next to chairs, tables and even started reaching the door knobs. Luckily he can't turn them and open the doors yet.
  • Climbs up onto the couch 
  • Loves soft blankets. Now when I rock him to bed I put one on him and he loves it!
  • Pushes his toy cars around the house. So cute.
  • Sleeps through the night around 7-8 PM to 6-7 AM
We love you sweet Rockwell! 

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