Thursday, December 4, 2014

6 months with rockwell

i cannot believe i have had 6 months with this cheeser. he is seriously a joy. i love him to death and cannot imagine my days without his beautiful laugh, cheesy smile or his perfectly soft skin. there were a few weeks where he struggled to sleep and hated the car seat, which meant i never wanted to go anywhere. but now, he has turned a corner and is so much fun. here are some things that i want to remember about him at this age...

  • he rolls all over the place
  • laughs like crazy
  • chews on everything he can get his hands on
  • grabs his toys
  • is so close to sitting up by himself
  • loves to eat oatmeal cereal and peas for dinner every night
  • tried sweet potatoes and green beans on thanksgiving
  • getting attached to mom and dad, cries when new people hold him
  • sleeps on his belly with his bum in the air
  • goes to sleep between 6 & 7 pm and wakes up once to eat & is up for the day at 6-7 am 
  • has started to like mickey mouse club house
  • plays in his vw beetle walker all the time
  • doesn't scream in the car all the time anymore, just when he's tired or hungry
  • grabs at everything we're holding, phones especially
  • loves to eat his toes
  • loves to be outside and enjoys when we take him on walks in the stroller or erg0
  • he did wonderfully at his 6 month check up. he cried for a minute after his shots, but then calmed down pretty quickly

here are his 6 month stats:

head circumference: 17.1 inches (55%)
length: 28 inches (95%)
weight: 18.5 pounds (67%)

i love love love this boy in his diaper. i can squeeze all his squishiness and give him kisses on his tummy. plus he can eat his toes without anything getting in the way. win win for both of us. 

tyler and i always talk about how much we love our son and sometimes stop in amazement that he is ours, that we have a little human product of us, of our love. i cannot express how amazing that makes me feel. i feel so blessed to be a mother. i love my rockwell boy so dang much! please don't let the next 6 months go by as fast as the last!

happy half birthday little boy! 

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