Wednesday, February 26, 2014

shaw's cove

this past weekend we had a surprise package arrive at our house. our three favorite clausen's came to visit all the way from rexburg! they are just the best and we are SO sad that they're gone. but hopefully, they'll be back real soon. it was a short stay, just three days, but their presence was so needed. little brylee is so full of spunk and energy and none of us can get enough of her. her parents are pretty awesome too, super funny and loving. i really can't put into words how much i love these people.
during their stay we went down to the tide pools in laguna. it was a beautiful day and we all had a lot of fun. it was so nice to be down by the ocean and smell the salty air. it's just the best. over the weekend we also had fun bird watching, bubble blowing, hot tubbing, milkshake drinking, snuggling, laughing, flower picking and doggie petting.

thanks so much for a great weekend clausen family! come home soon!

check out that 25 week bump! wowza! 

the morning they left, as soon as i laid eyes on that sleeping baby turned toddler, tears just started to fall out of my eyes. i guess i could blame in on the pregnancy hormones, but really, i just love this little family so much and my heart aches every time they leave to go back to school. i picked up brylee and started to carry her downstairs to the car... that was when i really lost it. sobbing. straight sobbing. all of a sudden brylee took her sleepy head off of my shoulder and looked me in the eyes and said "you sad?" in her sweet sweet voice and i responded, "yes, I'm going to miss you!". as we walked down the stairs she grabbed onto my neck and said softly "it's okay". just remembering the ordeal makes me well up. this little girl is definitely heaven sent. she is so sweet and kind and loving and her parents have taught her well. i hugged morgan and kimberly and watched them drive away. ugh. my. heart. hurts.
hopefully someday, i wont have to say goodbye for months at a time ever again. one can only hope.

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