Monday, June 10, 2013

oh hello summer

summer is here and i am happy about it. i busted out the sandals and headed to newport beach with some family. my how i love the feeling of sand between my toes. the sound of the waves crashing. the sight of little foot prints all along the shore. i also don't mind a trip to seaside donuts. yum. 

spending time here in socal has been very healing for my soul. today i walked along the beach and thought about my life and our future. i feel so hopeful and excited. although these past days without tyler by my side have been difficult, it has been good for me to be here and think about me, who i am, and what i want for my life and what kind of person, wife and mother i want to be. i feel like i have made somewhat of a breakthrough... now i just have to keep it going. maybe falling down again has helped me to realize what i want to be when i get back up. realize what i am willing to sacrifice in order to have the life i so desire. how hard i need to work to live the way i want to live.

something a friend said recently has really stuck with me, i would rather struggle for money than struggle for my sanity and happiness... or something along those lines. i wholeheartedly agree. life isn't about how much money you have in your bank account. it's about being the best person you can be, about serving others, about being faithful to your beliefs, about finding joy in the journey. i am still climbing this mountain of mine and i know that my Father in Heaven wishes happiness for me in this life. i will continue to be faithful and to do everything i can to live the best and happiest life possible. i can't give up. for me, there is no other option than to keep moving forward and looking to the future with faith.

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Whit said...

oh i just love you girl... and miss all you people tons!!!