Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i don't know why

Let me preface this post by saying...the thought of having a baby/raising a child at this particular junction in my life scares the heck out of me. Now that's not to say that I never want to dive into the terribly exciting/scary/difficult adventure that is parenthood, because I do, but I plan on doing it when life looks like this (tyler is done with school, has a job that can cover both our salaries, moving to a bigger(hopefully cuter) place WITH a washer & dryer) instead of this (me working all day everyday at a relatively high stress job (that I appreciate and kind of enjoy most of the time), tyler working whenever he isn't at school and studying whenever he isn't doing either of the aforementioned activities, paying tuition... saying "there goes our savings" every few months). I would also like to add that I accompanied my sister's new baby care class with her last night since Morgan was out of town... it's frightening how such an experience can make you want a baby and NOT want a baby at the exact same time.

Due to a lack of activity at work (rare) and severe boredom (also rare) I began to tangle myself in a web of blogs of all kinds. I lingered for a long while here.

Think I may try this idea on my current book shelf with some scrap booking paper

LOVE this Jenny Lind Crib in white and of course I want the matching changing table... I looked it up on CSN and it's really affordable.

I love that this nursery has little pops of color instead of pastel overload

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Whit said...

I'm totally doing our baby room that light gray color. And I love coral and lime green accents too!