Wednesday, February 17, 2010


A couple weeks ago we went to the BYU vs UCI mens volleyball game and it was really fun. Shira and Devin invited us so we met up with them, got In n Out and headed to the game. It was fun to visit and we also got to see Janae and some other family and friends since Uncle Mark bought us the tickets. Thanks Uncle Mark! It was a really fun night! After the game we went back to the Dickson's place and made pizzookies and watched "This Is It" (the Michael Jackson movie). I know it might sound weird, but it made me sad that he is gone. He was such a great musician and I am sad that there will never be a new song. The whole time we were watching I realized that you could have a dance party for hours with only Michael's songs. He was amazing. But anyway... the night was fun and I am stoked that we have sweet family that lives close and likes to party with us!

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