Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tyler's Birthday Celebrations

So we got to eat A LOT over the weekend in celebration of Tyler turning 25! We went out to eat with my family on thursday night at Wood Ranch. And he opened presents from my family and me. I got him a set of bbq sauces from Lucille's. By the look on his face in the picture below you may not be able to tell, but he is really excited!

On Friday we went to eat at Oggi's with our co-workers for some excellent pizza and that night we went to Lucille's and the rodeo with Mike and Jessica. It was a really fun night, even if there weren't any crazy rebel bulls.

The next day was his actual birthday and his day of snowboarding. To end the day we went to Bj's Pizza and played games with Danielle and Greg. I won. Boo ya!

On Sunday Tyler's mom made a HUGE dinner. She made Tyler's favorites... ribs, scones, broccoli and asparagus. It was a really yummy meal and a lot of fun to spend time with the family. Tyler's sister Jessica even made a brownie, mint chip, oreo ice cream cake. It was delicious. This is why I ran 4 miles yesterday. It was a carbo loading weekend.

Luke decided to like the plate that the cake was on. This is him after he was done. Kids are such a hoot.