Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ducks Game and Skating

Tonight was an extra special Ducks game. Not only did we play really well and win... We also got the opportunity to stay after the game and ice skate. Tyler was the only one who really wanted to skate so my dad and I just walked out onto the ice to get some pictures. If you notice in the picture of my dad is the CenSource logo on the scoreboard. Pretty special to know that my dads hard work all these years has resulted in him being able to be a sponsor for the Ducks. I am glad that his dad taught him the importance of hard work and introduced him to the signage industry. I am very grateful for both my dad and my grandfather for working so hard. It is their hard work that has provided me with so many special life experiences.

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Jessica said...

That is a great shot of Tyler--maybe he should try out for Disney on ice!