Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Comfort

Thanksgiving was great for Tyler and Amy Rex. We started our day at my parents house and had dinner with my family and grandparents. It was fun cooking for the first time. I made a homemade pumpkin, pumpkin pie and I also made some stuffing from scratch. I felt like a grown up. It was fun! We also got a video of some family madness when ants started to attack the pies. Danielle was recording the whole thing with her camera and no one even knew it. I will let you know if it shows up on you tube. :)

After we finished at the Pitts house we went out ot LA to eat with the Rex's. We had so much fun at Christina and Justin's place. They have a really really cute place and we're excited that they are here and so close.

This year we are both grateful to have good family and friends around us. We are blessed with so much.

We also got a new couch on friday! Besides our desk, it is the only piece of furniture we actually bought for our place. Our wonderful family and friends gave us most of our furniture so we got really lucky, but we were excited to finally get something for ourselves. We love it! It is so comfy!

Sorry if it cuts off the couch... for some reason the blog isn't cooperating today (at least on my computer). I'll try to put the pics on later and see if it actually works.



Jessica Druck said...

O lala...snazzy snazzy!! I will have to test it out when I get back for Xmas!

Erin and James said...

fun that you found our blog and that you have one! yep prego and huge...that is my life! what are you guys up to?