Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Good Times

So earlier in the year I posted the following as my goals for the year and I am pleased to let you know of my progress!

-train for a half marathon
I am almost half way into my training for a half marathon. I can hardly believe it! I ran 6.1 miles yesterday and I am ecstatic! I have amped up my running mix and I bought some new running shoes with custom insoles to help my lame "flexible" arches. I have a little bit of soreness in my right foot, but that is normal for me and I am hoping and praying that I will not suffer any injuries so that I can continue my training.

This is a picture of me after my first 10k! Since my training schedule didn't line up with any real 10k races, Tyler let me wear his metal so that we could remember this as a momentous occasion. :)

-run a half marathon

Since my training is going so well and I am on track... I am pretty much set on running the OC Half Marathon on May 2nd. I still need to sign up, but I am planning on it.

-graduate college with honors

So far I am doing well in my classes this semester and I have only 5 classes left after this semester. I applied to graduate in December 2010 and just got a letter in the mail on monday saying that I made it onto the Dean's Honor Roll for last semester! So let's just hope that senioritis doesn't wreck my plans!

-save money

We saved enough money to pay off the Tahoe! We are now a car payment free family!

-lose 20 more lbs

So far I have lost 8 pounds!

-build my photography portfolio (let me know if you need a photo sesh!)

I have some pending photo sessions and when the weather clears up I will be setting dates for those. My sister announced her engagment and I will be taking their engagement photos and her bridals! Also, I applied for my business name... Amy Rex Photography and was approved! P.S. My email is if you want to set something up!

Thanks so much to everyone who keeps me going and encourages me to be better!!! I couldn't do all of this without my cheerleaders! I have had so many good examples of hard work paying off and hopefully my progress will motivate someone else the way others have motivated me.


Michael and Shelley said...

Wow, Amy! That's so great! Congrats!

Jeff and Kira said...

You are doing awesome! You look so great! I can't believe you still want to lose 12 lbs! I don't think you need to! And I wish you lived closer cause I would love for you to do a little pregnant belly photo sesh or one of the little guy when he arrives!

Kelly and Nate Wright said...

That is so AWESOME!! Congrats!! And you look GREAT, by the way :)

Devin and Shira said...

i'm so proud of you being such a hardcore runner! you're awesome!

cherise and Tristan said...

YOu look awesome, I thought you had already lost all 20 pounds. I have an adorable son who would look awesome on your website or portfolio. Keep up the great work. I used to run 10 ks all the time then I got married and had not time. You are inspiring me to get back into it.

Heidi Lamb said...

Woo-hoo! You're doing great! And you look fantastic!