Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sailing, Seafood, and Sawdust

Last Saturday we got to go sailing at Balboa with cousins Spencer Rex and Hyrum Brady, Spencer's friend Loren and Tyler's mom and dad. Grandpa Brady came, but he napped in the car pretty much the whole time. We all took turns riding the laser and it was my first time sailing and I have to say I did pretty well sitting there on the bow of the boat. hehe.

After we went sailing Tyler, Spencer, Loren and I met up with my mom and dad at the crab cooker. Our waitress was so cool, her name was Ginger. Tyler and I are now thinking we might have to name our daughter after her. :)

After The Crab Cooker we went down to the saw dust festival and saw a man blow glass and checked out a bunch of sweet booths! There were soooo many cool ones! I posted a couple pics of some of the cool ones.


Daybreaking Dickersons said...

Spencer and Tyler look like they are holding hands in the first picture. How cute.

Jessica Druck said...

i want to sail a miniature boat. No fair!