Monday, March 24, 2008

March Madness!!!

So March has been a blast so far! To start off spring break we got to go visit the Alleman Family! We took a trip to the snow and also went to Buffalo Wild Wings and ate way too much while we watched the Laker game! It was so fun being up there with our friends who we haven't seen in so long! We are happy that all is well with them in their new location. We miss them, but we are so happy that they are all happy and Healthy!


Easter weekend was also super fun! We went to the park on saturday morning and had our traditional easter egg hunt and brunch. It was a beautiful day and it was so much fun being outside. We played some Volleyball with the fam and ate some good food. Our brother in laws Morgan and Brett were playing with the kids on the play ground. It was good times as always hanging out with the Family.

On Easter sunday we went to Bretts farewell and then over to The Pitts house to have easter dinner. We got to take some pictures next to MY DAD'S NEW PORSCHE! I always remember him saying that he wanted a porsche someday, but I never thought it would actually happen! I am proud of him. He worked hard and got something for himself. Granted... it is an expensive gift for oneself, but he deserves it. He has slaved away for years to provide for us and never asked for much. Our Easter dinner was wonderful. Grandpa and Grandma Stout were there and so were the Clausens. After that we got to go see Tyler's Dad's horse, Buena. We hadn't seen her in a while so that was fun.
Tyler's mom and I are going to San Fransisco this weekend and we're meeting Tyler's sisters Jessica and Julia there so that we can attend Kristen's baby shower. We are all getting excited and on sunday Cindy and I talked more about our plans! It going to be my second trip this month. It is so fun to travel, but it is also nice to be home again. I can't wait to see the city of San Fran!


Last night we said goodbye to Elder Brett Royle Clausen. He is off to serve in the Argentina, Rosario Mission for the next two years. He is my brother in laws younger brother and he is also dating my younger sister, Danielle. It was hard for all of us last night saying goodbye and watching him and Danielle take their last few looks at one another was pretty crazy. It was really emotional for all of us. Brett has become a member of our family and it is like my brother has left on his mission. We all feel a closeness with him and we have come to love him. Tyler had a girlfriend when he left on his mission so he totally knows how they feel and I think it was surreal for Tyler to watch them say their goodbyes. Now that I am in love with someone I can totally empathize with Danielle. I can't imagine how that must feel to have someone you love leave you. But I beleive that they will end up together. Tyler and I have many friends and family who have waited and ended up together. It is going to be an adjustment for all of us, but since we all love and miss him I think it will be easier for Danielle. She has people that understand how she is feeling. Good luck Brett. We love you!

February Continued...

So we ended February with a fantastic weekend with friends and Family! On Friday 2/22 we went to the LA Clippers game. It was fun! The Mary Kay Ash Foundation for Breast Cancer research teamed up with the Clippers and raised $4, 300 for more research! It was so fun to be in a big group wearing those pink shirts...Tyler sports his all the time!

This year so far!

So I wanted to catch everyone up on our year so far! We opened up the year with a bang by getting married on January 4th! We had a great day with our family and friends and we loved every minute of it!

In February we had a blast on Valentines Day! It was my turn to plan this year so that was fun! I woke up early to make breakfast and he was in charge of lunch and did a marvelous job. He brought me red roses and lunch from mimi's cafe and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert! It was so much fun! Then, we got to have dinner together after I got off of work and before he headed to class. It was a busy day, but luckily we got to spend time together doing acts of kindness for each other.

Welcome to our Blog!

Hey all! I gave in to the peer pressure and decided to start a blog. Tyler and I are happy and all settled in Fullerton! We are so happy that we are married and we have such a wonderful life! We are so happy to be working, going to school, and saving for our future together. We are so grateful for every great day that we have to live. We are truly blessed!